Lessons from a fugitive: What the tangled tale of Marc Rich tells us about Carlos Ghosn

January 19, 2020
Marc-Rich-Carlos Ghosn
The lives of Rich (left) and Ghosn (right) seem ripped from a spy novel. Rich: Blick RDB/ullstein bild/Getty Images Ghosn: JOSEPH —AFP/Getty Images

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Matt Damon & John Krasinski Tap Into Bill Clinton-Pardoned Fugitive Marc Rich Tale ‘The King Of Oil’

July 7, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon is in the early stages of attaching to star as the fugitive billionaire commodities trader Marc Rich in The King of Oil. Universal Pictures has optioned the project for Sunday Night Productions, which is John Krasinski’s production banner. Sources said Krasinski, who’s coming off the sleeper smash A Quiet Place, might eventually direct the film, but I’m being told right now that is premature.

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The Secret Pipeline

December 22, 2016



Israel, Iran, Marc Rich and the Secret Pipeline:
Jim Puplava interviews Daniel Ammann on Financial Sense Newshour

King of Oil: How two phone calls from Ehud Barak to Bill Clinton may have led to President Trump

November 27, 2016

haaretzCom Marc Rich worked for the Mossad while also doing business with world despots. Giuliani and Comey were on his tail before Bill Clinton pardoned him in his last hours in the White House. He may be the cornerstone on which Hillary Clinton’s opponents built her corrupt image. By Eytan Avriel Read the rest of this entry »

Glencore’s Zinc Rationale Defies History

October 15, 2015

bloomberg“You shut up!/No, YOU shut up!” is how schoolyard scuffles kick off. Miners tweak it slightly to: “You shut down!/No, YOU shut down!” Ivan Glasenberg, the chief executive of Glencore, has long bemoaned miners’ tendency to literally dig themselves into a hole with too much supply. As concern about Glencore’s swollen debt has hit the stock price, Glasenberg has recently taken himself at his word, ordering a temporary shutdown of some of the company’s zinc output. That caused the price of the metal to jump 10 percent last Friday. But history suggests Glencore’s fight to raise zinc prices sustainably could be a tough one.

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Glencore’s Biggest Risk Is Hiding in Plain Sight

September 30, 2015

bloombergWhat you don’t know can hurt you, so it’s understandable that analysts have raised questions about Glencore’s opaque commodity-trading business. Without the ability to work out how it makes money, the unit is a “black box,” according to Morningstar’s David Wang. But there’s more to fear from what’s in plain sight. Capital spending has been the biggest single drain on Glencore’s cash flow in every year since it started the takeover of Xstrata in 2012

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“King of oil” who became a target for US

July 15, 2013

FTlogoSalmonMarc Rich, who died on Wednesday, aged 78, was one of the most controversial business figures of the late 20th century. He was a gifted, aggressive commodity trader with a global network of business interests and contacts – and an amoral attitude to pursuing them that empire-building 18th century merchants would have both recognised and applauded.

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